The other day I watched “Idiocracy” and then I turned off the DVD player and there was a Quizno’s ad on TV

and this guy was like, "Deeeerrrrr if I got a flat tire in front of a Subway place I’d walk 10 blocks to get to a Quizno’s brought to you by Carl’s Jr dur dur duer duuuuuuur blargh" and I thought to myself, "I don’t think the satire in that movie was intense enough."

I think the main reason that film was not really released, or didn’t quite "work," is that the NASCAR dystopia it portrays is not nearly dystopic enough. I mean, how is "Ow my balls!" any different from "Viva la Bam"? How is having a bunch of idiots in the White House and everyone’s clothes plastered with logos the creepy future? Everyone thinks reading and talking smart is for fags? Really? Oh my god, please, don’t let such a world come to be in 500 years!!! I love Mike Judge. Really, I do. I like "Beavis and Butt-Head" way more than a grown woman should (and I’ve been a grown woman since B&B’s inception, that’s how old I am), and "Office Space" is one of the greatest movies ever made ("Scarface" is for fatties!), but "Idiocracy" is a spectacular disappointment because it’s not funny or creepy–just accurate, and depressing.

Hello. I "value" your comment. (No, really, I do!) Please don't be a dick, though.

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