Here’s a fun game…

…for me. It’s almost as fun as the Buch von der deutschen Poeterey (I’m not sure I spelled that right, Poeterey might have a few more "e’s" in it, I just haven’t figured out where they go yet), and definitely more fun than Von der Freiheit eines Christenmenschen (guess what? Martin Luther was a dick, which follows nicely since his "good works are kind of for fatties" doctrine provides the lovely laissez-faire/poor-people-are-shiftless "Millionaire in the Pew" bullshit our Fundamentalist friends justify scripturally). Anyway, here’s the game. It’s called: Me, Through the Ages, Intronet Style.

  • (Almost) Four Years Ago: PKK’s humble beginnings attempting to relate every entry to some part-time writer from Austrohemia. The funny thing is that the more intellectual my actual life gets, the less intellectually-driven PKK gets. PKK was invented during/after the Great Blackout of Ought-Three, about a month before I started baby-grad school (I consider myself now in grown-up grad school, though that honor should probably be reserved for people who are ABD, which, in case you do not know, stands for "Awesome Booty Dancers").
  • Three Years Ago: My then-gentleman-friend got "caught" "shoplifting" at the natural foods store down the strreet–nothing beats getting "accosted" by passive-aggressive  stoners.
  • Two Years Ago: I make the greatest year-end Best Of list ever.
  • One Year Ago: I attempt to have a vacation in New York to see my friends, and instead almost die. OF CHRISTMAS CHEER, that is. And also I get the flu really badly and remain sick for the rest of break.
  • Six Months Ago: graduate school begins to wear on my nerves and my faculties remain barely intact.
  • Three Months Ago: I return from Europe to find my apartment trashed by subletters legal and illegal alike, thanks to the hi-jinks of my ex-roommate with a drug problem and the havoc people with drug problems inflict on everyone they know. Between then and now: I survive another quarter unscathed in a way interesting only to me (and the entire Internet).
  • Right This Second: I’m in the Eug, visiting my parents, procrastinating my ‘work’ by ‘multitasking,’ watching ‘Pride & Prejudice’ on my parents’ TiVo (in the five seconds they are not themselves using it to watch ‘The Wire’–my parents are obsessed with ‘The Wire’ the way only well-to-do semi-urban ultraliberal white young senior citizens can be) and looking up recipes on the intronet for vegan latkes (yes, they do exist). Tomorrow I hope to man Jessicca’s soap booth at the Holiday Market (my front for stalking former high school classmates on similar visits home so they can see how fabulous I now am, and by ‘fabulous’ I mean ‘destitute’).


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