this used to be my least-favorite time of year

but the best thing, by far, about living in California is that a bunch of queer little lights does not Christmas season make–you just can’t help but chuckle when the Trader Joe’s is playing "Sleigh Ride" but it’s 70 degrees outside.  In that vein, here are some photos I took today at the beach–not enough to make a whole album but figured they still beat the usual photo-less self-absorbed abusive tirades I usually grace you with.


This is Crystal Cove State Park, where I usually go to the beach owing to the fact that Erin and I bought a state park pass this year like the lesbian life partners we are (just ask the people at Disneyland what kind of lesbians we are–they’d say: big ones). To the left of this path is a bunch of ramshackle bungalows being converted into a douchey resort. There used to be an independently owned Shake Shack not too far away that sold date shakes and hippie sandwiches and had the best view in the area, but it got bought out by that godawful Ruby’s chain and now nobody should go there. Crystal Cove is just about the best place in the area. It’s about a 10 minute drive from where I live, and no matter what kind of mood I’m in when I get there, I feel alive and peaceful and floaty when I leave (ahem).


There was a "huge" storm on Saturday night–actually, it was kind of cool because even though half my room got soaked (I sleep with my window wide open, Jack the Ripper, just in case you’re interested), my car is positively gleaming like it only usually does when my mom hand washes and waxes it seventeen times in a row because she’s obsessed with it, so much so that for my 30th birthday this year she bought me a cover for it, which I would use except for it’s the dorkiest thing in the entire universe and I refuse to. Anyway, one of the things the storm washed up was this BOAT PART, which just goes to show you what I have always known, which is that boats are terrible and have no point, except to bring Bumpas over from Russia so that Schumans can exist (all other boats can fuck off).


Here’s an absolutely breathtaking sunset that does not come out well on digital photography, but I figured I’d give it a shot anyway. At one point there were like 95 colors in the sky. There was this pelican that kept going batshit looking for his dinner, and a couple of dolphins that stopped to check out something interesting/tasty. I actually took a video of this sunset too, but it’s not for public consumption because it’s a little silly and boring (though that’s never stopped me before–at any rate, I don’t feel like putting it up now). I don’t know who that guy in profile is. Whoever he is I am sure he’d be unspeakably ashamed to appear here–so he’s lucky he’s so backlit and nobody could possibly recognize him, especially me, since I don’t know him, and more importantly, he’s never seen me before and has no idea who I am.

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