only under dire circumstances

would I do anything "blog-related" at the library–this, after all, is a temple of intellect, and every word I type on this thing disgraces the concept of learning altogether, and the sanctity of the library as a place where the primacy of the learning act is never ever in doubt. Case in point, the kid next to me is playing some new-generation variant of Tetris, and the one kitty-corner is watching a You Tube’d episode of "One Tree Hill" (let me clarify: this person is a male; I should introduce him to my roommates, they’d probably all get along. Not that I don’t love "One Tree Hill" because I do. Also my roommates are very nice and they bought furniture so God love ’em).

Hello. I "value" your comment. (No, really, I do!) Please don't be a dick, though.

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