This blog is now being written by the ghost trapped in the wall behind a painting

I finally managed to watch DEATH BED: THE BED THAT EATS, and unsurprisingly it has changed my life. It would be very hard to choose a favorite scene, because the word "scene" doesn’t really apply to any of the successions of moving pictures glommed together in no discernible order to make DEATH BED. It really has to be seen to be believed and I highly recommend all of you Netflix minions to rent it immediately if you haven’t already. If there aren’t nine potential Halloween costumes in DEATH BED, then I don’t know what movie would have nine potential Halloween costumes (I guess maybe ‘Crash,’ where you could dress up as racial clichés that help us all learn things, nine different times).

In other news, being back at school is pretty great so far. There has been mercifully little school, but exciting amounts of cereal, jaywalking, and getting lost at the docks. Dot, dot, dot. Next week the real schooling begins and you are all welcome to remind me of this fleeting and ethereal state of pre-academic glee.

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