Hallo anonymity, ich heiße […]

Yes, in a move reserved for the truly glamorous, I’ve gone anonymous. I was going to take the blog down altogether (much to the heartbreak of exactly nobody), but the sad fact is that I have basically no other record of the last 4 years of my life, and I would password protect it but I get little enough traffic as it is, and enjoy meeting weird strangers through it (you know who you are). However, it’s just not a good idea to have my last name associated with it anywhere because in three weeks I start teaching, and I don’t want my students to be one Google search away from discovering the vulnerabilities, inapropriateness and immaturity of my last 4 years (now that I’m 30, all that’s over, obviously, and I did not share a massive laugh with my family last night over the word "nutsac" AND NOTHING ELSE). So, not that anyone noticed, I just think it’s kind of funny that I’ve gone…INCOGNITO. WHOO. I hope my secret is safe with you, Internet, just like all my credit card information and Social Security Number are.

2 thoughts on “Hallo anonymity, ich heiße […]

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