I’d write ‘I’ve been busy having fun’ in Czech, but there’s a worldwide computer conspiracy against the hachek

So, yes, faithful blog-dience of none: I’ve been missing in action for two months because I’ve been busy, by which I mean "busy," by which I mean "drinking beer," as part of a pan-central-European adventure that is now sputtering to a Euro-poor close in Berlin, Germany. I have been snapping photos with my mom’s digital camera religiously (and I mean that literally, as I say a fairly creepy prayer to the Gods of Digital Cameras before I press the shutter) and upon my glorious return to Amurka I will put forth what will surely be the greatest in a series of already-great Pan Kisses Kafka blog photo albums (this one will be especially great because this year I’m teaching and my students will be able to see it–and by "especially great" I mean "containing nothing at all controversial because I don’t want my students to see it"), detailing my adventures in places including but not limited to:

Prague, the Czech Republic–especially the inimitable Kajetanka dorms

Other Places, the Czech Republic–especially roads narrower than the width of a bus that did not stop a bus from driving on them and executing a 95-point turn

Poland–where I got lost alone at night in Wroclaw and circled the Poznan Old Town Square seventeen times in a paralyzing bout of food-based indecision

Berlin–where Jens and Robert let me stay in their living room and I ate a frightening amount of sandwiches

There will also be–once I figure out the technology–possible video installments, including what may be the greatest piece of footage ever taken (the aforementioned 95-point turn the bus made) and also the most horrifying (me dancing my special "Rebecca Dance," which I may have to take down as soon as I start teaching if I ever intend to be taken seriously again). So, hang tight, imaginary blog audience. I have been holding out on you because I just don’t think it’s fair that my summer of adventure (and questionable clothing-washing practices) can be expressed without visual aid.

I’m hungry!

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