My longtime, dear friend Jessicca and her business partner Melanie’s one-of-a-kind, handmade, unbelievably kickass bath products are now available on the Intronet!!!!! Go RIGHT NOW to Fridays at the Farm and buy them the hell out, immediately. It’s not a question, or a request, or even a directive, it’s a DIVINE COMMAND because I just proclaimed myself God of Bath Products and if you don’t do what I say you will seriously regret it. Not because I will exercise divine retribution, but because your skin will revolt. I cannot possibly talk Jess’s stuff up enough. And sure, she’s my friend, and has a young (adorable) family to support, and I would probably demand you buy her stuff regardless, but I would not put it on the Introweb with quite so much fervor. Before you had to live in Eugene, Oregon to get this soap and now you don’t. So, buy some. BUY SOME. BUY SOME. NOW! NOW! NOW!!!!!!!!

One thought on “YOU MUST BUY SOAP NOW

  1. Rebecca,
    You are awesome. I decided to check out your blog since we’ve had some orders referencing you as the how’d you hear about us. I thought, well maybe she put a little blip about us on her site… I’m all teary cause you are too kind….thank you thank you. We get really excited when we get an order and they’ve all been from you.
    Love you


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