AC/DC should write a song about me, and I should get an award for the amount of seriously unflattering pictures of myself I put on the Internet.


Schwarze Seele; schwarzes Haar.

Yes, I know it is fascinating to all that I have changed the color of my hair yet again. Hooray. (I also cut about four inches off of it, as for some reason they neglected to recover from the ungefähr eight bleachings I did over the last three months). If this whole PhD thing goes pear-shaped, at least I know I will always be a natty-haired hobo (unless I have to pawn my scissors for crack).

Also, note the return of the "Bill Clinton" eyesacs. I don’t know why I always get these fuckers when I get stressed out–it’s not because I don’t sleep enough. Trust me, I fucking sleep plenty. I think it’s because when I’m concentrating on something I tend to rub my eyes very hard–I also rub my eyes very hard when I first wake up in the morning, and probably in my sleep as well. With any luck, by the time I have to take my comprehensives, I’ll be totally hollowed out. Speaking of comprehensives: Go, Monster, GO! BOOOCH! Not that you will be reading this blog now, or ever, since you are busy studying for your comprehensives.

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