And I wonder why I have self-diagnosed Acid Reflux…

I just got a piece of  hate mail about my current L column that says:

Please.  Please, please, please.  Do the people of New York City a favor. Until you have some truth and good to pass on to the world, stop writing your column.  Thank you.

Awesome, I know!

Anyway, if you click here, or on the photo below of a "paper in progress," you can see a select few images of my "life" here at UCI (if you can call it that, as even recreationally I refused to leave my apartment to make this photo album).


However, I’m delighted to report to nobody at all that today I finished the finishing touches on the final finished drafts of my other two papers (I turned the first one in on Friday), so technically, I’m…uh, well, done for the quarter. I still can’t quite believe I got through it in one piece (mostly), with only some Bill Clinton-type eyesacs and a terminally burning esophagus to show for it. Last year at this time I was also finishing my papers, but the difference was it was winter in New York so I ballooned up to my "studying weight" of approx. 5000 lbs. Also it wasn’t as difficult. And I wasn’t a billion miles from my friends (although, granted, I hadn’t made the new friends I’ve made here yet either). Anyway, I’ve been meaning to update this blogamajig with some things that are funny and worthwhile (but neither "true" nor "good," so my non-admirer can continue sucking it), but they’ve escaped my mind so now all you get are these photos.

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