and my first impression of myself was that I am mind-blowingly self-absorbed

The best thing about leaving a place ostensibly forever is that you get to do massively self-obsessed things in the name of closure. Therefore at yesterday’s 10-hour beer-and-Becherovka debacle, after about eight and a half hours of beer and Becherovka, I decided to ask each of my friends about their first impressions of me. Here they are.

Eva: "You had sad eyes and were a little abrasive."

Jason: "You were forceful."

Adam: "What do you mean, the time you wrote me fan mail in 2001 or when I met you for real?" (he never did cop to an actual impression, though…interestingly)

Brittany: "You were REALLY INTIMIDATING and I thought you were MEAN AND SCARY." (Brittany is my best friend)

Audrey: "You had those things on your wrists and I thought you thought you were too cool for me." (I have carpal tunnel syndrome and sometimes wear "Black or White" era Michael Jackson wrist braces to work; they are super hot)

Frank: "I liked your Verve stickers but I thought you were really loud."

Emily: "Loud."

Todd: "Loud."

Jason: "I would like to revise my impression to include ‘Loud.’"


2 thoughts on “and my first impression of myself was that I am mind-blowingly self-absorbed

  1. That you were hilarious. Also, because you guys sat together and talked sometimes, my initial impression was that you were going ’round with you-know-who. In retrospect, I wish that I’d kept that impression.


  2. I think I’ll go with “loud.”
    Just kidding. Maybe “colorful.” In word and deed.
    So sorry I missed your party… come back soon, and we’ll have another one!


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