Hooray! Or as they say in German, YEE-HAW

Me + Berlin + Passage of time longer than three days = 100% kickass! As of Friday afternoon, I’ll be reporting from the bright Teutonic command of my host-mom’s flat in Schoeneberg, spending my days getting schooled in a language I’m supposed to know already, and my evenings pounding down beer like it’s about to be disinvented! And what better way to send me on my jolly way than a nice commercial-interrputed screening of Executive Decision? Don’t remember Executive Decision? Well, to refresh your memory, it is one of those talkie moving-picture shows involving Kurt Russell, Steven Segal, the guy who plays the shrink on “Law & Order,” a buncha Arabs, Halle Berry an a whole lot of anxiety!!! A plane gets hijacked (with machine guns–how terribly pre-9/11) and a lot of nail-biting ensues. Too bad everyone is so annoying that I would have made the “executive decision” to shoot the whole damn plane out of the air just to get them to shut up. The narrative nuances of Executive Decision remind me, though, of the amazing literalization of German translations of American movie names, which is yet another thing for me to look foward to tonight, on my last day of work before my trip, which, lest I remind myself again, will be the best. Thing. Ever!

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