the love might be free, but at least the freeway’s long

BrentholdguitarYou’re welcome.

I have recently come upon this magnificent inter-web miracle homage site to all things Wernham-Hogg. Not only does it include MP3s you can download (of both the original acoustic "Freelove Freeway" and the Noel Gallagher studio version, not to mention "Spaceman" and "If You Don’t Know Me By Now"), it also charts out the guitar tabs of the David Brent originals so that those of you with a three-chord range can pluck out "Freelove Freeway" yourself. This site has actually been a godsend, not just because it contains Quicktime footage of the inimitable "David Brent Disco Dance" from Season 2, but because I have had "Freelove Freeway" in my head for about two weeks and there is no way I would be able to get it out without the new addition of both versions of "Freelove Freeway" on my iPod, hooray. I have been obsessed with some shitty songs in my day ("Wired" by Mother 13, "Chain Fight Tonight" by the Gorch, "Rock ‘n’ Roll Dreams’ll Come Through" by the Gas Station Dogs to name a few), but I simply could not rest until I had "Freelove Freeway" at my disposal all the time. It got to the point where I couldn’t even listen to any of the actual good music on my iPod because I would get so bitter and resentful that none of it was "Freelove Freeway." Basically I have snapped, is what I think it comes down to.

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