I found out tonight via awesome message on my home answering machine that I have been accepted to this PhD program with fellowship. They are flying me out at the end of the month to wine/dine/woo me. I haven’t heard back from anywhere else yet, so I can’t make a decision, but let me tell you that this program was one of my first choices, if not my absolute first choice. They have such a terrific record in early 20th Century stuff and a wonderful cooperative relationship w/the comp lit department. I am overjoyed to have been offered admission and will insist on everyone calling me Dr. Asshole instead of just "asshole" from now on.


One thought on “congratulations, people who have to deal with me on a daily basis, your lives just got easier

  1. That rocks, I am so happy for you, Dr. Asshole. That lady you talked about in your previous post is what I would call, well, I would type it but then the insult would lose half of its power, let me just say that she would be extremely displeased to hear that I was calling her whatever I was going to call her.


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