and I managed to do it even though ‘The Butterfly Effect’ is OnDemand and I love that movie because it’s so awesome and Ashton Kutcher is a totally rad actor

ButtonLook, guys, I designed an aggravated hippie button for my mom’s AntiNauguration Day of Bullshit Rally Ought-Five! Whenever I visit my parents I become my mother’s official office assistant/graphic designer/chef/sitter-on-the-asser, and this visit is no exception. They’re having an ‘Inaugurate THIS, A-hole!’ rally of some sort and I designed this button. I gave it a sort of ‘I don’t like Ike’ 50s-60s retro feel, which is ironic in an Alanis sort of way because I used PhotoShop 8 to design it; yes, that’s right, I used the most advanced graphic design program available to laypeople to design a hippie button that specifically looks like it was done by hand. It’s like raaaayeaaaaaaaaaaayn on your wedding day indeed.

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