They call it ‘Fashionably Late’

Despite my Gorch-like ‘air of coooool,’ I never get to the cool stuff until everyone else has built a homestead on the cool stuff (or, in the case of my friend Maggie, a five-room yert with a guest house). So, now that everyone and their mother has one, gmail has given me 4 invites. So anyone, stranger or vague acquaintence, friend or foe, who asks for one can have one for free, provided s/he is one of the first four people. Post a comment or email me. If I’m not answering, it’s because I’m on the hunt for some Seven jeans and a trucker hat and one of those dastardly retarded cancer bracelets.

Hello. I "value" your comment. (No, really, I do!) Please don't be a dick, though.

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