hey, plagiarists!!!

This one’s for you.

Because one or more of my friends and/or loved ones has made the mistake of uttering the words, "I’d like to read that paper you wrote on [SOMETHING REALLY UNINTERSTING], I have made the least shameful of my graduate papers available online. This should result in untold hundreds of shitty little undergrads attempting to pass them in as their own, to which I say: "I hope you get caught." The rest of you, who for some reason have said you wanted to read my ridiculous treatises on Agamben, Nietzsche, or that weird teen bible, go nuts. My last paper, on the horrifying Left Behind series, will be up online after I’ve turned it in and taken a break from it. "Enjoy," and by "enjoy" I mean "it’s your funeral."

2 thoughts on “hey, plagiarists!!!

  1. I would love to read your paper on the “Left Behind” series. I’m picturing it in my mind and it’s deeelicious. A few years ago I read the first few chapters of the first one while loitering in a bookstore and while I kinda couldn’t put it down, I found the stuff to be horrifying. Mostly, though, it’s the reception of the books that freaks me out. I’d like to write a serious of books called “All Aboard” about religious tolerance.


  2. I really want to read your Left Behind paper. The Royal Shakespeare Company has commissioned me to write a plau about “fundamentalism in America” and I’m terrified as I know next to nothing about these people, how they think, what their inner lives are like, etc… please do make your thinking available!


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