the purpose of an inside joke is for me and my tiny group of dorky friends to feel better than you

a very special note from our sponsor, me:

My fellow blogmericans:

Because I, like our future President John Fitzgerald Kerry, am not an elitist (even though I did just score a 630 and a 540 on my GRE, hem hem*), I shall now impart upon you plebs the following answer to your most Frequentest Asked Question:

Q. What does “pan kisses kafka” mean?

A. It is a bastardized reference to that pinnacle of all dorkdom Mr. Show. There is a sketch about a marvelous time-saving miracle called The Super-Pan, which models itself after that awesome British guy who sells miracle time-savers off the tee-vee. Anyway, the sketch starts out that way but quickly degenerates because it turns out Bob (who had affected the accent a la Anthony Sullivan) is crazy and he burns Jill Talley’s hand to a pan and then at one point he starts whacking her over the head with it, going “Kiss the pan!” (then she does–WHACK) “PAN KISSES YOU!” Etc. Hilarious. Right. Okay. Dorks of the world, I am sorry I gave away our special secret.


*actually, I’m not even sure that’s good. I’m just sure I don’t want to take it again.

2 thoughts on “the purpose of an inside joke is for me and my tiny group of dorky friends to feel better than you

  1. Actually, I have to be a bit of a stickler on this one. In the aforemention sketch, it is DAVID who whacks BOB over the head and screams the line, “Kiss the pan! Kiss the paaan- Pan kisses YOU!” That is the approximate rhythm. And it is not a dorky show.


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