I am the smartest (wo)man alive

If only I could have taken the math component of the GRE when I was twelve, which now that I look back on it was the pinnacle of my mathematical genius. I would have gotten a 900, which is pretty great since the highest you can technically get is an 800. Anyway, this past week I have realized that the only math I am now capable of doing is (rate of pay) x (hours worked) – (taxes I wish rich people would pay but I’ll pay them because I value roads and schools and what have you) = “me poor”. And since that won’t be on the test I’m pretty much screwed. So in an effort to re-learn about fifteen years of math in two days, I was at the library studying and then I went to take a sandwich break, and on my way back to the library I ran into Maggie, an old family friend (well, actually compared to me she is a young family friend) who just started at NYU. So whilst catching up with her (she has writing class with Mary-Kate Olsen!) I…drank a coffee at 11:30pm. And although I then burned through both a layer of my stomach and the GRE math prep test I was working on simultaneously, I’m now paying for my transgression by being even more sleepless than I usually am.

Kafka once wrote to Felice that he spent half the night awake and the other half sleepless. Perhaps he, too, had to study for the math GRE.

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