Dear Newspaper Editor I Wrote This Myself Just Like I Made Those Signs At The Convention

If you visit this link, you can send a pre-written letter to the editor in support of the Bush agenda to the newspaper of your choice. Does it matter which article you’re writing in critique of? No. Does it matter that you, like the president himself, can’t craft a proper English sentence? No, because Karl Rove and Karen Hughes have channeled the bile of the seventh demon of the twelfth level of Hell into words, and those words make paragraphs, which you can mix ‘n’ match by pressing buttons. Now let me make myself clear: It’s not that the Bush campaign is one hundred percent prepackaged that drives me crazy, it’s that it crusades as this down-home “I’m just like you” friend of the “reg’lar folks,” and it’s not! I was just telling my friends just now, my friends Frank and Mike Green and Jason, that Karl Rove might have the worlds evillest strategeries buried somewhere in his robot brain, but that the American people are so fucking stupid (stupid enough to believe that the W. campaign is “grass-roots”) that he doesn’t even need to pull out the big guns. Of course…he could have used the big guns yesterday, when future President John F. Kerry KICKED HIS ASS. “I…uh…ah…let me finish!!!”

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