Yes, “Franz Kafka” is number 5

I thought you’d be as fascinated as I am that the following name searches are this site’s most popular way of attracting accidental visitors:

5.”Franz Kafka” (fun variants include “Franz Kafka Gay” and “Franz Kafka sucks”
4. “rebecca S.” (yeah, that’s right, I’m awesome)
3. “jacob pitts” (he is so HOT right now!!! I heard he’s going to be the next Eddie Kaye Thomas!!!!!)
2. “carly patterson” (this would not be so depressing if the sixteen-year-old Olympic medalist’s name were followed by anything other than “XXX,” “naked,” “nude” or “porn”–now not too much grosses me out, but I draw the line at gymnastopedophila, people)

and the number one name searched for in this blog’s visitors stats is (sigh): ANDRE HEINZ. Which is more reason than EVER for my “Andre-Heinz-in-underwear” campaing strategery! Come on! Let’s do it on Oct. 31! We can have an “October Surprise” too! Sigh.

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