Frank’s famous–and boner drugs (no relation)

Check it out, Frank’s on McSweeney’s. Now he and Audrey have both been on McSweeney’s, which I consider the hipster couple equivalent of getting matching gingham toothbrushes, you gay lovebirds you! Gross! And congratulations.

In completely unrelated news, I am currently at work (my duty tonight consists of “checking shows,” aka the best slacker shift ever) and there is an ad on right now for Levitra, you know, the boner drug. One of many, many boner drugs. Because the world needs more boner drugs, don’t you think? Anyway, the lady in the Levitra ad says that it’s good for “improving the quality of erections.” SO IT’S A BONER DRUG FOR PEOPLE WHO CAN ALREADY GET IT UP BUT JUST NOT ENOUGH! As if that can’t get any better, the ten-minute warning fast-talk at the end of the ad warns that “only people healthy enough for sexual activity should take Levitra.” I’d link to the Levitra site, but I fucking hate pharmeceutical companies that make zillions on boner drugs while endometriosis usually gets the diagnosis, “Get pregnant! It’s God’s punishment for you being a career woman!” So instead I will link to this awesome Bulgarian mail-order bride company. The number one women’s sport in Bulgaria is rhythmic gymnastics. Just think about it. See, do you even need Levitra?

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