Yes, it’s true, there may (OR MAY NOT!!) be some things about one Francois H. Kafka on a popsicle stick in the brand new photographs I have just added to this kickass album just now. TAKE A LOOK, WHY DONTCHA?!?!?

5 thoughts on “ka…ka…kafka?

  1. i miss you too, schu-man. when you back in NYC? i be there soon, yo. also, tell me why starting a blog is bad, because boy oh boy am i craving one of my own.


  2. i have no opinions on starting a blog. i do, however, have opinions on trying to get into the ‘study lounges’ after hours…


  3. credit card works as does metrocard. takes a little finagle-ing. if you bring me absinthe, i will give you money, just cos i’m jonesin for it so bad. just in case you’re smuggling back xtra. all mine got confisc. (ated) in british customs


  4. i personally don’t touch the stuff but i’ll bring back some in a mouthwash bottle or something if you really want. what did they do when they confiscated yours?


  5. Emily really needs to start a blog, because I’m assuming she crashed all the convention parties and has hot inside gossip on how Dennis Kucinich partied down with the Kerry sisters. So, spill it, Emily.


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