Dudes, Europe is so cool. I don’t care what that goofball from that movie ‘Eurotrip’ says, Europe is not officially the worst country on Earth. It is awesome! And you know where is especially awesome? Prog, Checkerslovakeestan, Europe. I was totally scared that when I got here everyone would be speaking like French or German or whatever they speak here (whatever it is, Jesus didn’t speak it so it is inferior to English, which He totally did). So imagine my awesome surprise when I set foot on kickass Olde Towne Center Disneyland Place, and there wasn’t a single foreigner ANYWHERE?!? Everyone I saw was wearing an awesome tee-shirt from my favorite Fraternity back in college where I go, and everyone speaks English, the only language worth knowing.

But dudes, be careful, they don’t use dollars here!!! So I tell my parents, “Don’t worry about sending me money, it’s all play-funny-munny here anyway!!!!” The best part is that the drinking age is 18, so it’s not just the old people (there is someone in my program who is 27, what a loser!!!) who get to have fun and get wasted anymore. I can’t wait to try ABSINTNH!!!! I HEARD IT MAKES YOU TRIP YOUR BALLS OFF. Well, hopefully between now and when I return to the sweet embrace of Uncle Sam I will not become a Communist. We can only hope America conquors Europe by then, because I think I might have heard some people speaking in this wierd languge where everything ends in “ova” and I thought that was a crime. EUROPE RULES!!! Off to TGI Friday’s!


2 thoughts on “my latest missive to the ‘Department of No Shit’…

  1. scotty doesn’t know
    scotty doesn’t know
    scotty doesn’t know
    scotty doesn’t know
    scotty doesn’t know
    scotty doesn’t know
    scotty doesn’t know
    scotty doesn’t know
    scotty doesn’t know
    i just thought i’d share with you some lyrics from my favorite song ever. it’s really sick, man, you should listen to it.
    emily white
    p.s. i found your blog


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