berlin: starbucks. everywhere. also a subway (and not the kind you ride unless of course you are some sort of sandwich-fucker.)

prague: let’s just say it was a lot more comfortable last time i was there. as a visitor. to a movie set. where i didn’t have to pay for anything. this time i was on my own and it was considerably rougher.

vienna: you will all be ecstatic to know that this guy is neither a serial killer nor a morbidly obese truck driver out to get some action. he was kind enough to show me around vienna in exactly the way i prefer (with no goals per se) and even tolerated my nonstop grateful-for-companionship-after-a-week-on-the-road-alone babble… perhaps it made him grateful his own kids (who sound like the coolest kids EVER and are poster children for taking up with a european and raising bilingual offspring IMMEDIATELZ) are not chronic blabbers.

ljubljana: the very attractive tiny offspring of prague, amsterdam and berlin with about one-thousandth of the tourists. hostel is a former military prison. really cool, but as i have just discovered the trains in croatia are not running in certain directions due to track work, i may have to stay here forever.


3 thoughts on “very brief recaps of important things about cities i have recently visited in the europe town province of america

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