Is He the Gay?

Who wants to see my boyfriend make out with a hot guy?!? Yes, you did, I thought so. Well, check out this link and this one and read all about the play he’s in right now, WHERE DO WE LIVE, which in addition to that dude I live with (and especially do not drug) stars Emily Bergl, Daryl Edwards, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Luke MacFarlane (my boyfriend’s boyfriend…and he’s hot, people), Burl Moseley, Aaron Stanford, Liz Stauber and Aaron Yoo. It’s written by the prodigious Christopher Shinn, who is the same age as me but actually gets his plays staged and stuff, well la dee frickin’ da! The show is still in previews and opens next week. If you enjoy thee-tah and watching hot guys go at it, this play is definitely for you. Happy thespianing!

One thought on “Is He the Gay?

  1. Hmmm. So, does this mean it is true that girls get turned on by a couple of guys humping, er, making out, not unlike straight guys getting off on the whole lesbian thing…? And here I thought you all were above that.


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