Lunchtime Poll

Will watching “High School Reunion,” for any period of time, even if I have to do it for work (especially if I have to do it for work…) create irrevirsable brain damage? I think it already has because I am pretty sure I’ve misspelled at least one word per sentence and I can’t tell, and I can barely even remember how to spell “boobs,” which there are a whole shitload of on “High School Reunion,” let me tell you.

And speaking of boobs, today at the gym I saw the most magnificent set of gross implants I’ve ever seen, and the only set I’ve ever seen naked. So this brings me to my real question. Kafka’s diaries and biographies profess a sometimes-icky closeness with his sisters (especially Ottla) and deep and abiding love for his mother, while of course never failing to mention the requisite hatred/fear/loathing/identification/Freudian Feldtag for his father…so what I’m wondering is: from only the clues given to us in his diaries and his fiction, was Kafka a boob man? Best argument for or against gets a prize.

2 thoughts on “Lunchtime Poll

  1. From A Hunger Artist:
    “The impresario came forward, without a word – for the band made speech impossible – lifted his arms in the air above the artist, as if inviting Heaven to look down upon this creature here in the straw, this suffering martyr, which indeed he was, although in quite another sense; grasped him around the emaciated waist, with exaggerated caution, so that the frail condition he was in might be appreciated; and committed him to the care of the blenching ladies, not without secretly giving him a shaking so that his legs and body tottered and swayed.”
    From The Metamorphosis:
    “His numerous legs, which were pitifully thin compared to the rest of his bulk, waved helplessly [“flimmer hilflos”] before his eyes.”
    Leg man, clearly.


  2. i remember kafka writing to milena something about kissing her and the joy when she pulled her sleeve to allow him access to her shoulder and her *almsot bare breast*. heh.
    i doubt he was a boob man. definately the a handful-is-enough type due to his horror of over abundance of the gross flesh.. too much boob would be superfluous 😉
    been waiting for you to update your blog. im a new found fan!


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