K. is for the F-Word

As everyone in the FOX-news-saturated universe now knows, John Kerry recently said the word “fuck” in an interview.

He not only said the word “fuck,” but it was about the President of these United States of America, whose name is not actually Fucking George W. Bush, even though that’s what I call him. The nerve! I can’t believe a member of this great country’s Senate and a candidate for President would ever use such a horrible, horrible word. I mean, do you know what “fuck” means? It means “to do it.” How gross!

Predictably, the White House is demanding an apology, instead of trying to figure out how to convince the country giving money to rich people and sending young soldiers to die for those rich people’s oil investments was a good fucking idea. Because how does 48% sound to you, Mr. Fuck-Up-in-Chief? Oh, what do you care–you can’t count! What was I thinking?

Nevertheless: in the spirit of landing myself in a 4X4 cell in Guantanamao before the end of 2004, I hereby declare today, December 8, Official Say ‘Fuck’ About George W. Bush Day. Best use wins a gratutitous link. Whoo.

3 thoughts on “K. is for the F-Word

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