Everyone thinks she’s a boy. 


Either because she’s huge, or because we dress her largely in gender-neutral clothing, and as everybody knows, gender-neutral equals male. Anyway, we’re just back from Trader Joe’s where there were a lot of babies, but only one who was absurdly huge for “his” age…and only one who demanded to be taken out of “his” car seat and carried around. At any rate, speaking of car seats, this little one doesn’t ride in the car much, but when she does, she rides in style. Or at any rate, like a boy. 

Just home.
8 weeks of incessant eating later…

Then & Now

Just home from the hospital, still a tiny bit jaundiced, down to about 7 and a half pounds, Ms. Teenie Weenie. One chin, and still rocking the Grandpa Schuman pout.
Six weeks–and chins–later, large and very, very, very much in charge. The child has ankle rolls. ANKLE ROLLS.